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“Precious and Free”

You may be wondering "Am I codependent?" At CoDA, we offer no definition or diagnostic criterion for codependence.

What we do offer is a list of patterns and characteristics as a tool to aid in self evaluation.  

Additionally, CoDA offers hope through by working The 12 Steps sharing with each other and finding strength and together realizing in our own ways the 12 Promises of love and freedom to be be loved, precious and free.


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What is Co-Dependency? Service Opportunities Find a Meeting

Greater Sacramento Area Meeting Schedule

Find a CoDA meeting near you!  Meetings are held throughout the week at various locations.  Please let us know if the meeting list needs to be updated!  See our updated meeting online list or download and print a copy.

We do our best to publish a current meeting schedule.  We are service-based community of volunteers and endeavor to coordinate and encourage meeting leadership to notify us of changes but cannot guarantee that the meeting is accurate.  


The 12th Step reminds us to return to the community by becoming involved.  A number of volunteer opportunities are available.  We would love to hear from you and your ideas as well.  

The greatest gift is your time.

We welcome you to attend the next GSACC meeting or find out more by reviewing meeting and service position details.  A downloadable copy is also available.

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GSACC Literature Update  
Volunteer Wanted

Greater Sacramento CoDA Community wishes to thank Mercedes for her dedication and commitment over the last year successfully filling orders and meeting the challenges of the position.  Taking on more personal and work commitments, we wish her well in her new life ventures.


We are looking for a volunteer to assist with facilitating taking and filling literature orders.  Orders are typically submitted by email.  Arrangements are made to make the items available for pick up; delivered at the monthly GSACC meeting to the meeting rep, or mailed via USPS.  

Literature to be Discontinued After Inventory is Exhausted

GSACC weighed the pros and cons whether to continue with the Literature Position taking into consideration the availability of the same materials from the and resolved the best option will be disseminate our inventory and forego the position.  

We are looking for a volunteer – or several volunteers – to help with facilitate the Literature Position until our inventory is dispensed.  

Please contact Rich if you are interested.  



GSACC  NorCal Winter 2016 Mini Conference

Sponsorship: Step Up To Recovery

“How to get one, how to be one.”

Date:     Saturday January 23, 2016

Where:  United Methodist Church

              2101 Zinfandel Drive

              Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

When:   8:00 – 4:00 pm

Cost:     $15 before 01/15/2016 or $20 at the door.  

Welcome to the Co-Dependents Anonymous 2016 Winter conference hosted by the Greater Sacramento Area Co-Dependents.  This conference will be a collection of speakers and workshops focused on “Sponsorship” – How to find a sponsor and how to be a sponsor.  

The morning will begin with continental breakfast been served at 8:00 a.m.  
The conference starts at 9:00 a.m. with a presentation and panel describing what it is to be a sponsor and the value of both finding a sponsor and being one.

Admission includes continental breakfast and lunch.  Register online or at the door.  

Contact us to volunteer and contribute.    

Online registration $15 plus $1.82 vendor processing fee.     



Greater  Sacramento  Area  CoDA  Committee

“Precious and Free”