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“Precious and Free”

You may be wondering "Am I codependent?" At CoDA, we offer no definition or diagnostic criterion for codependence.

What we do offer is a list of patterns and characteristics as a tool to aid in self evaluation.  

Additionally, CoDA offers hope through by working The 12 Steps sharing with each other and finding strength and together realizing in our own ways the 12 Promises of love and freedom to be be loved, precious and free.


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Greater Sacramento Area Meeting Schedule

Find a CoDA meeting near you!  Meetings are held throughout the week at various locations.  Please let us know if the meeting list needs to be updated!  See our updated meeting online list or download and print a copy.

We do our best to publish a current meeting schedule.  We are service-based community of volunteers and endeavor to coordinate and encourage meeting leadership to notify us of changes but cannot guarantee that the meeting is accurate.  


The 12th Step reminds us to return to the community by becoming involved.  A number of volunteer opportunities are available.  We would love to hear from you and your ideas as well.  

The greatest gift is your time.

We welcome you to attend the next GSACC meeting or find out more by reviewing meeting and service position details.  A downloadable copy is also available.

News & Tweets

CoDA Literature Update  

GSACC Welcomes New Literature Coordinator   


We welcome our new literature coordinator, Mercedes, and her generous offer to coordinate request for CoDA literature.  We also acknowledge and appreciate Colleen for her many years of dedicated, reliable distribution of literature material.  Local meetings can pick up their literature material and monthly GSACC meetings.  Shipping is also available to those who cannot attend the monthly meetings.  More info



 December 8, 2014

GSACC Monthly Meeting  

Dedicated to supporting CoDA meetings throughout the Sacramento Valley - from Redding to Fresno - we welcome you to visit our next monthly meeting.  We especially welcome meeting representatives and those looking to contribute and support CoDA through service.  Contact us with questions about the meeting. View PDF flyer.



Grass Valley Meeting        New Meeting!!

Tuesdays  2:30 pm to 3:30 pm

A new CoDA meeting has been formed in Grass Valley on Tuesdays between 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm.  The meeting is held at the Spririt Peer Empowerment Center, 276 Gates Place, Grass Valley, CA.  (The building is located behind Lumber Jack's restaurant at the same address.  Please park on the street.)   The meeting is open to all.  Contact us with any querstions.  

 More info

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Sacramento Winter Mini-Conference Success! 

GSACC and those who volunteered - those judiciously labored in the kitchen, scheduled the presenters, printed the program and bios, purchased supplies... made the conference a wonderful success.    

The feedback attendees was exceptionally positive with the level of participation and enthusiasm.  Several with many years of CoDA experience comments it was the best conference they ever attended.  

Many of the 150 people who attended CoDA newcomers and said they were very impressed and will now be finding a meeting in their area.

Special thank you to Penny for the many hours of food preparation and overseeing a number of volunteers, most of whom she recruited in advance.

Special thanks also to Mercedes and JoAnn who managed the literature table.  

Everyone positively contributed to the success of the day, working together, going the extra step.  

Job well done.   



Greater  Sacramento  Area  CoDA  Committee

“Precious and Free”